HousingWire Rising Stars: How to Recruit Top Millennials Just Like Us

HousingWire Rising Stars: How to Recruit Top Millennials Just Like Us

HousingWire Webinar — Thursday,  May 25
11:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM CST / 2:00 PM EST

Let’s face it, mortgage finance, at first glance, may not have a lot of cool factor behind it to entice new young workers into the space.

But, we so desperately need more entrants into the field. There’s a coming wave of Millennials seeking homeownership, but are there enough lenders and workers in the space to serve them?

This field can, and does, make a huge difference in people’s lives.

HousingWire’s Rising Stars are the perfect example of young industry professionals who are moving the market forward. So how’d their firms get to be so lucky?

Who better to get advice on hiring a new young workforce than from the Rising Stars themselves?

This panel features three Millennial Rising Stars discussing how they became market leaders and how you can hire folks like them.

Brena Swanson, Digital Reporter — HousingWireModerated by:
Brena Swanson,
Digital Reporter

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  Hear from these experts:

Andrea Hall - SVP Operations - United Wholesale Mortgage

Andrea Hall
Senior Vice President of Operations,
United Wholesale Mortgage

Andrea is a young and fast rising star, serving at the forefront of operational enhancements implemented to benefit borrowers and brokers around the country. Her efforts helped to propel UWM as the No. 1 wholesale lender in the country.

A young leader who has rapidly advanced up the ladder, Andrea has already worked in the mortgage industry for nearly 12 years, in areas including Funding, Post Closing, Retail, Wholesale & Correspondent divisions, and Capital Markets.

Parveshi Sahi - SVP Business Development - Ellie Mae

Parvesh Sahi
Senior Vice President of Business Development,
Ellie Mae

Parvesh is responsible for the development of the company’s partner, investor, and government relations within the corporate strategy organization.

Parvesh joined Ellie Mae to help bring an integrated and automated compliance experience to Encompass customers following the acquisition of the Mavent compliance engine. Additionally, Parvesh has evolved the business development organization to help execute on Ellie Mae’s vision of automating everything that is automatable in the mortgage industry.

Ori Zohar - Co-Founder - Sindeo

Ori Zohar

With a background in entrepreneurship and digital marketing, Ori joined co-founder Nick Stamos to create Sindeo, a consumer-friendly path to getting a mortgage. Sindeo offers consumers access to a broad marketplace of lenders and loan types, while leveraging technology and expert, unbiased Mortgage Advisors to bring greater speed, service, and savings to home financing.    

Prior to founding Sindeo, Ori worked in New York as a digital marketer and strategist at top 10 global advertising agencies.

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