What is going to happen to appraisers in 2017?

What is going to happen to appraisers in 2017?

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Are new industry policies surrounding appraisers helping or hurting the industry?

Fannie Mae released its first selling guide updates for 2017, clarifying its rules around property inspections by appraiser trainees.

According to the guide, Fannie Mae clarified its “existing policy that allows an unlicensed or uncertified appraiser, or an appraiser trainee to complete the property inspection. When the unlicensed or uncertified appraiser or appraiser trainee completes the property inspection, the supervisory appraiser is not required to also inspect the property.”

Is this something that will help address the appraiser shortage, get fees back in line and get new blood into the appraisal industry? Or will it open the flood gates to poor valuations throughout real estate sales?

Attend to learn:

  • What’s next for the appraisal industry in 2017?
  • Will technology replace appraisers one day soon?
  • How fair and reasonable are AMC fees?
  • What is being done to encourage new faces to enter appraisal markets?

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Jacob Gaffney,

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  Hear from these experts:

Brian Coester

Brian Coester

For nearly a decade, Coester has immersed himself not only in the appraisal industry but in the mortgage industry as a whole. As a certified appraiser, he has a firm understanding of what is important in a valuation and how it affects the industry.

Matt Simmons

Matt Simmons
Maxwell, Hendry & Simmons, LLC

Manages the professional, technical, and business aspects of the residential division of the appraisal firm. Former state regulator and former Chair of the Florida Real Estate Appraisal Board.

Zachary Dawson

Zachary Dawson
Director – Collateral Strategy & Policy,
Fannie Mae

Responsible for Fannie Mae’s Single Family collateral strategy as a whole, covering both Selling Guide policy and use of collateral technology tools including Collateral Underwriter®. He also oversees the Appraiser Quality Monitoring initiative, collateral analytics & reporting, and other strategic appraisal initiatives.

Alan Hummel

Alan Hummel
Chief Appraiser,
First American Mortgage Solutions

Alan is a past national president of the Appraisal Institute and is also a representative member on the Appraisal Subcommittee Advisory Committee (ASCAC).

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