REPLAY: Competitive Lending in the Qualified Mortgage World
Originally recorded: November 19, 2013
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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently finalized a set of amendments to the Qualified Mortgage/Ability to Repay Rule under TILA/Reg Z, which requires lenders to make a good-faith determination of a borrower's ability to repay a loan, using current employment status and income. With the continued increased scrutiny of the rule from the secondary market (GSEs), the potential for consumer lawsuits, and the market shift from refinance to purchase, it’s more important than ever for lenders to use reliable data to remain competitive within the changing landscape.

During this unique web seminar, we’ll take a look at the economic landscape as it relates to housing and mortgages for the next year -- and then we’ll dig into how new QM regulations may affect this outlook. From there, you’ll learn what you can do to maintain a competitive lending business as QM comes into play and the market dynamic shifts towards purchase money mortgages.

» the Freddie Mac housing outlook for 2014
» QM's effect on the stabilization of the housing market
» CFPB amendments to the ATR rule
» Best practices in purchase mortgage originations in a QM world

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